Author's Ceramics Exhibition

16:00 Casal da Eira Branca - Infantes - Caldas da Rainha

by Carlos Enxuto, in Casal da Eira Branca, Infantes

27 Years working with clay.
I wonder how I got this far?

The pottery at the top of my street, gestures that existed in it the smell of clay to dry on the street, the kiln to transform the clay by the fire of wood, they were magical moments of my day-to-day.
At the same time trying to create objects from my hands with clay wood and metal, as if it were part of my act of breathing.
These moments mark the beginning without the knowledge of my journey through the art of creating from a ground rock, which sometimes is solid other a soft dough moldable other a liquid, that we called Clay.
Today past 27 years, experimenting, evolving and the sense that the clay offers me. The connection with this memory from my past that to get to this - turns the balance of shapes and colors of my pottery.
Today past 27 years, experiencing and feeling what he gives me, I think in connection with this last memory that traveled up to the present