Exposição de Cerâmica

17:00 Casal Dos Pedreiros No 3 - Infantes - Salir de Matos

Ivo Ximenes Correia

Exposição de Cerâmica "Matriz" de Ivo Ximenes Correia.

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Regresso às Termas 4

17:00 Casal Dos Pedreiros No 3 - Infantes - Salir de Matos

João Pinto Barbosa

"O Local e o Nacional: Qual será o papel do cluster Caldas da Rainha-Óbidos?"

Moderador: Jorge Mangorrinha

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Regresso às Termas 3

17:00 Casal Dos Pedreiros No 3 - Infantes - Salir de Matos

Manuela Hasse

"O Tempo e a Água: que relação?"

Moderador: Jorge Mangorrinha

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´Centauros` de José Boldt

15:30 Casal Dos Pedreiros No 3 - Infantes - Salir de Matos

Exposição de Fotografia

15:30h Casal da Eira Branca - Tv. do Facho 45 - Óbidos
17:00h Casal da Eira Branca - Turismo Rural - Infantes /Caldas da Rainha

«Homens e mulheres da aldeia de Sabucedo, pequena aldeia do Município de A Estrada, Província de Ponte Vedra, na Galiza, descem da montanha à aldeia com algumas centenas de cavalos selvagens, de pura raça galega para lhes cortarem as crinas e as caudas, e igualmente para desparasitá-los. [...]
No final da “Rapa” os cavalos são devolvidos à liberdade nos montes onde vivem todo o ano.»
José Boldt

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Author's Ceramics Exhibition

16:00 Casal da Eira Branca - Infantes - Caldas da Rainha

by Carlos Enxuto, in Casal da Eira Branca, Infantes

27 Years working with clay.
I wonder how I got this far?

The pottery at the top of my street, gestures that existed in it the smell of clay to dry on the street, the kiln to transform the clay by the fire of wood, they were magical moments of my day-to-day.
At the same time trying to create objects from my hands with clay wood and metal, as if it were part of my act of breathing.
These moments mark the beginning without the knowledge of my journey through the art of creating from a ground rock, which sometimes is solid other a soft dough moldable other a liquid, that we called Clay.
Today past 27 years, experimenting, evolving and the sense that the clay offers me. The connection with this memory from my past that to get to this - turns the balance of shapes and colors of my pottery.
Today past 27 years, experiencing and feeling what he gives me, I think in connection with this last memory that traveled up to the present

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Photographic Exhibition

17:00 Casal Dos Pedreiros No 3 - Infantes - Salir de Matos

José Nascimento

Since the early 70s he devoted himself with passion for photography. Collaborated with the photographic clubs
Personnel House of EDP, the Rafael Schools Bordallo Pinheiro and Secondary Raul Proenca.

- Collective in Caldas da Rainha House of Culture
- Collective on José Afonso at the Museum of Electricity in Lisbon.
- Ferrel - 30 years of Combating Nuclear
- CD Cover photo FURA FURA José Afonso.
- Photos in the book “Fotobiografias Século XX - José Afonso” Irene Flunser Pimentel and direction of Joaquim Vieira, published in 2009 by the Círculo de Leitores

More Here

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Posters Exposition from Casal da Eira Branca

17:00 Casal da Eira Branca - Infantes - Caldas da Rainha

6 years after

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Departure Picnic

Sara and Pedro met in Casal da Eira Branca. Now they are going to travel together for 2 years to Ushaia, the southermost city in the world, in Argentina. And most of the route will be done by bicycle. 20th of April was the chosen day for the celebration, with a picnic party for family, friends and everyone else. You are all invited! 1p.m., in Casal da Eira Branca.
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Images in my Homeland


Photography Exhibition

Falafalabarato (Augusto Nunes’s alter ego) didn’t buy a car. Instead, he took his savings and presented himself with a digital camera. He didn’t knew, at that time, how it would gradually change his daily routine and, ultimately, his own lifestyle.
Because he doesn´t drive a car, it may be easier for him to capture the little details and various perspectives that color and enrich life. Trekking around, hunting moments.
Opening: 9th November, 4pm, Casal da Eira Branca, Infantes.
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3rd Birthday Party - Casal da Eira Branca



6p.m. – Exhibition opening of contemporary ceramics by Mário Reis, presentation by Master Herculano Elias

7p.m. – The Royal Pepper Orchestra Concert

9p.m. – Theatre play by “Teatro da Rainha” group. Bertolt Brecht Original
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Sérgio Godinho, June 21


Sérgio Godinho visits Casal da Eira Branca

On the 21th June, it will take place the last session of Pernoitar com Livros - Chats about bedside books, with the portuguese musician and songwriter Sérgio Godinho and moderation by João Paulo Cotrim. A collaboration with the publishing house Abysmo.
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Pernoitar com Livros


Chats about bedside books

Casal da Eira Branca and publishing house Abysmo present "Chats about bedside books". With António Mega Ferreira (22 March), Inês Fonseca Santos (12 April), Luís Afonso (17 May) and Sérgio Godinho (21 June). Moderation by João Paulo Cotrim. Always at 9 p.m., entrance is free.
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Falo na Eira


Casal da Eira Branca

Confraria do Príapo and Casal da Eira Branca pay tribute to the ceramic phallic tradition of Caldas da Rainha. Inauguration of a monumental phallic sculpture (Carlos Enxuto, Eduardo Pereira, Mário Reis, Paulo Óscar e Victor Reis); Awards ceremony by the Confraria do Príapo; Tribute to Armindo Reis
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Yoga Class


Yoga Class in Casal da Eira Branca Caldas da Rainha

On the 24th of November it will take place a Yoga Class, in Casal da Eira Branca, Infantes, at 10am. Everyone is invited to participate.
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Caldas Gift Shop

19:00 Rua dos Jerónimos, 7A, em Lisboa

Online Shop Presentation

Casal da Eira Branca has the pleasure to invite you for the presentation of its online-shop, on the 22nd November, 7:00 pm, taking place in the César da Silva Library - Casapiano Culture Centre - Rua dos Jerónimos, 7A, in Lisbon.

Cocktail will be served.
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Sérgio Godinho and the 40 Illustrations



After 40 years of songs, the publishing house Abysmo invites 40 artists to illustrate songs of the musician. The result can be visited between 8th and 30th of November in CCC Caldas da Rainha. The opening is at 6.30pm, with free admission.
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"Rural Jazz"



My Generation and Casal da Eira Branca are pleased to announce the opening on Saturday 27 August, the 18H, an exhibition of vinyl record
albums under the theme "Rural Jazz".
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O Ciúme do Enfarinhado


A "floury" drunk man has a wife which has a nobleman as a friend. He feels betrayed by her and she thinks that he wants her to be closed at home and doesn’t bother with her. Valerio, how the aristocrat of trumpery is called, makes her a suspect flirt and she feels captivated by his good manners. "My husband is a brute, he doesn’t know how to talk and is always drunk," she said to the nobleman.

The Rainha Theatre comes to the Casal da Eira Branca on Saturday, August 27 by 21.30. Teatro da Rainha

free admission
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The Royal Pepper Orchestra

Concert, every saturday of August

Real Pimenta, a youth association from Caldas da Rainha, brings to Casal da Eira Branca its official orchestra. Free entrance, every saturday of August, late afternoon.
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